Cornelius Carl


Design an embassy for Catalonia

with Erik Bauscher, Martin Struller



Visitors can see the processess happening in their state


Use the voronoi pattern to create an equal distribution of rooms


Do not use hard materials


Create points

Connect near points

Create cells

Offset cells for space

Extrude cells

Glass is held by steel mullions

Add ceiling and floor

Floor for heating

Ceiling for ventilation


Storage between cells

Multiple cells share one floor

Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5



Entrace to the building allows for a view of the structure

View from the inner courtyard

Inside the assembly hall with voronoi ceiling

Sample view inside the ambassadors apartment


For presenting the project to the professors at the university, we built two interactive installations to better illustrate our approach.

The first installation consisted of a novation launchpad connected to a swift app to explain the voronoi diagram interactively. Buttons toggle between being a point on the diagram when glowing, and being none when off. The shape of the diagram loosely represents the site plan.

The second consisted of a self-built midi controller connected to grasshopper script to modify the design of the embassy in real time. The vertical sliders change the floor heights, the horizontal one the space between rooms and the knob switches between different variations.